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Heavenly Lemongrass (324)

Heavenly Lemongrass is a versatile multipurpose cleaner with extra-long lasting perfumed fragrance. Being neutral pH, it is suitable for many surfaces (marble, reflective flooring stables, windows etc.)

It is water soluble detergent designed for light soils and general cleaning and is perfect for Schools, Daycare, Houses, Commercial Buildings, Restaurants and Offices.

Available Packing: 5 Litres per Gallon; 5 gallons per box


  • Insect  Repellant (mosquitoes, ants, lizard, flies and cockroaches)
  • Spray and Wipe for Tables and Surfaces
  • Mop all floor Types
  • Use as Perfume Spray
  • Clean and freshen Toilets
  • Non-Toxic and Biodegradable